In part 1 of our 2 part interview Breast Cancer Research Advocate Jacqueline Keuchler-Calveric talks about her journey to becoming the public spokesperson for the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund.


She is the granddaughter of Carol M. Baldwin, niece of the famed Hollywood Actors the Baldwin Brothers- Alec Baldwin, Daniel Baldwin, William Baldwin, Stephen Baldwin.

She is filled with love and vivacious energy even after a not so easy journey to her happiness. Be inspired by her like I am. 


3x Olympic Taekwondo Athlete, 2x Olympic Silver Medalist, and former USA Coach Juan Miguel Moreno is a legend in the world of taekwondo.

Juan talks about training 2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist Paige McPherson.

Hear how his three trips to compete in the Olympics representing Team USA resulted in three very different experiences.

Learn how to tell if your child athlete is truly gifted with the "it factor".

Juan tells us how to nurture a child's interests.

Find out how lessons can be learned from failures.

Find out his keys to personal and professional success.

Juan talks about how the world of competitive sports has changed.

Advice for parents on how to best respond to their child's performance.

Juan describes the number 1 thing a child remembers when their parent responds to their athletic performance. 

What his mission is with his franchise "Peak Performance USA".

He also answers the equality question- do you train girls just like you train boys.

Insightful, inspiring, motivating and a podcast you can listen to over and over again- this is a great interview.

In the testosterone-charged sport of Taekwondo- Juan is a father of four daughters and I call him the female taekwondo athlete whisperer- because many young ladies go to him to train! 



Do you have haters? Well- here's how you deal with them. Listen to this quick pick me up inspiration moment. While people are talking- WE are doing! Stay focused diva- this is your time to shine! 

This advice from: Fatima Bey is a teacher, professional seamstress and owner/designer of MyAbishai. She often gives sage advice during her fittings and is a woman wiser than her years.  


Battling an aggressive form of breast cancer Cecilia Thomas felt isolated and alone as she said her husband was in the throes of drug addiction. She found an inner strength and passion for life and wants to share with others her message of never give up. 


This author of the "Unforgettable Faces and Stories" series talks about how tragedy led her to pursue a life of passion. Tear-jerking details of innocence lost and yet heartwarming inspiration of a life with purpose. Wow- I loved this interview. 



An inspirational woman talks about how her faith helped her overcome a debilitating disease to find her passion in life in baking. Entertaining tips and fun stories. This is one you don't want to miss.


Miranda tells her inspirational story of faith, family, and flip flops. Born to a teenage mother Miranda dreamed big and achieved big, but it was coming home to upstate New York that led her to her greatest gifts in life.


Learn steps to take to trust your gut. Oftentimes you can avoid costly mistakes by simply taking a moment to assess the information that you are getting and then trusting your gut. Here's how.


How to pick the perfect accountability partner and the benefits of having one.


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I'm here to help you re-commit to your goals! Thinking about waiting until next year to set some goals? Don't. In this week's Step To Success, I'm going to help you start now.  


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