Meet two dynamic women who will be appearing at the Women's Empowerment Conference with me on January 12, 2019. 

I was joined by Lacey Schwartz- She is the co-founder of Truth Aid- which is a multimedia production company that specializes in fiction and non-fiction stories about telling truths that are hard to talk about. She directed, produced and co-wrote the documentary “Little White Lies”- which was a top-rated broadcast on PBS’s Independent Lens in the 2014-2015 season. She also directed and Produced the “Loving Generation”s- a documentary that centered on race and identity. She is the proud wife of the new incoming congressman Antonio Delgado- from New York’s 19th Congressional District.


I also spoke with Lisa Powell Graham. Lisa is a political consultant, public speaker, writer, and life coach. Lisa was part of Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign staff in 2016- and she has 20 years of experience in the different facets of campaign management.

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Janet Tanguay shares her insight into years of experience working with hundreds of budding entrepreneurs. She talks about how you can make your dream a reality, some pitfalls to avoid, and the benefits available to women and minority-owned businesses. 



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E39: Perseverance

You are stronger than you may believe. Today we discuss the power of perseverance and how it is the difference between success and failure.

We hear again from Heather Monahan- from Episode #38 and Tara Cavosie from Episode #29 on how their power of perseverance helped them through challenges in life.

We also issue you a challenge! You can do it! 

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Author of the book "Confidence Creator" Heather Monahan talks about how she has developed her confidence and offers tips for you to grow more confident in the office and in life. She talks about taking on bullies, how she has eliminated the words "I'm sorry" from her vocabulary when it is not warranted, and how her son has taught her some valuable lessons in life. 

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In this on-air coaching call:


-Hear JoDee's expert advice to Master Mind Coach Miranda VonFricken on how to gain more followers and increase engagement on her professional Facebook Brand Page.


-Learn how to get 10% off a coaching session with JoDee.

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Christy talks about how her high achieving behavior has helped her overcome challenges and how evaluating her weaknesses have helped her to reach a new, more rewarding level of success. She now helps others work past their challenges to find true success. 

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Michelle tells how she overcame dyslexia and other obstacles to become a force who is changing the post-surgery garment world. 

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Enjoy this compilation of advice some of my previous guests have gotten on their road to success. Below are the links to their full podcasts.

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Theresa Odom-Surgick: Episode 12. 


Zeta speaks of her upbringing and life overseas. She talks about being one of the top in her field and how losing it all helped her to identify what made her unique. She now helps others as a Life Coach living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 


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